Laptop  Dispo​sal Limit​​ed 

Recycling the UK's unwanted Laptops 

Recycling Residential Laptops

when it comes to recycling personal laptops from peoples homes, is not always possible for us to organise a collection in a time scale that fits with peoples busy schedules and from a location that off the beaton track

Secure Couriers

So from time to time we will use UPS secure tracked collection and delivery service. 

We will send you a box via UPS the box will contain a return postage label and all the packaging material needed to ensure that the laptop fits snug inside. there is also space for a charger and a docking station

Destruction Certification 

Your old laptop will be catalogued on arrival and a certificate of destruction issued for your old Hard Disk drive

Reuse or Recycling 

Once your old hard drive has been destroyed the laptop will be assessed and if deemed to be reusabe then a replacement HDD will be installed with a fresh operating system and the laptop made usable again. 
This can then be donated to a charity or school throughout the UK which will allow underprivilaged children to benefit from online education