Laptop  Dispo​sal Limit​​ed 

Recycling the UK's Unwanted Laptops 


No matter where you are in the UK, 
we can offer a laptop recycling solution that will suite you and your companies end of life laptops disposal requirements.     

We provide a 5-day collection service to any mainland UK location    

Nationwide collections are not limited to minimum quantities of laptops and accessories but obviously sending a van to Scotland from London to collect just one laptop isn’t going to be environmentally friendly or cost-effective and will not be helping to reduce our carbon footprint

    Alternative options will be available for small quantities of 20 laptops and under and can be discussed with you when booking a collection 


Recycle your old Laptops, Power Supplies, and Accessories 

Click on the relevent links above to recycle either business or personal laptops 

Alternatively call us on 0845 644 6105 and let us know what you have to be recycled 
we will then require your contact information and will need to send you a quotation via email, 

The quotation will be for total number of hard drives to be shredded and not for us to collect your old laptops
a quotation will  need to be signed and returned to us prior regardless of anycost being involved.

returning a quotation to us allows a collection slot to be allocated to you along with an estimated date and time.

We can then collect your unwanted laptops and accessories

All equipment will then be stored at one of our facilities for 7 days before being processed, during this time a full asset listing will be compiled.
This 7 days is a cooling off period is just in case we have been given any laptops and Accessories which should have been kept by you and may need to be returned. 

After 7 days we will proceed to test all laptops and accessories  and any which are deemed to be obsolete, will be dismantled and  recycled in line with current  EU regulations on WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) with 0 % Landfill and all components being recycled in the UK. 

Hard Disk Drives are removed from all Laptops and scanned by serial number prior to Secure Shredding  
this process enable us to create a Destruction Certificate  which is provided to you on settlement of any outstanding accounts

Reuasble Laptops 

Laptops which have been tested and are functioning correctly can be repurposed, 

We will install replacement hard disk drives and reinstall an operating system 

these laptops can then be donated to charities and Schools nationwide