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Recycling the UK's Unwanted Laptops 


Recycling Business Laptops 

Corporate and Business Laptops

Lots of business and corporate organisations use laptops on a day-to-day basis, even more so during the recent pandemic as staff were working from home. When these laptops reach the end of their useful lives you can donate these to Laptop Disposal Limited who in turn will refurbish these and donate them on your behalf to schools and charities across the UK

We will securely destroy your old Hard Disk Drives by physical shredding 



if you have a large quantity of laptops and would like to donate these then please click here and someone will be in touch. 

Corporate laptop recycling makes a huge difference to charities and children across the whole of the UK

When donating ex Corporate or  business laptops there are a couple of factors that will affect the possibility of Laptop Disposal Limited  re-suing your old assets

BIOS passwords: The Built in Operation System  or BIOS password which is usually installed to prevent your staff from changing settings to the laptop will be required by us to professionally refurbish a used laptop. alternatively you IT department can remove all BIOS passwords prior to collection

Access to the bios may be required to install a new hard drive and to change the boot order.

COMPUTRACE: This wonderful piece of software which is designed to allow the police to trace a stolen laptop will need to be disabled and a transfer of ownership needs to be completed by you to allow this to happen. The last thing we need to be happening is for an ex corporate laptop to be refurbished and  given to 8 year old little jimmy only for the police to be raiding his family home on a Sunday afternoon to retrieve whats been claimed by computrace as a stolen laptop.

Details of this will be presented to Computrace and will need to be confirmed by you to prove you have allowed your old laptops to be repurposed.


secure hard drive shredding

PCB Recycling

Laptop Motherboards contain precious metals and when a laptop reaches the end of it useful life these boards should be recycled 

Laptop Recycling 

Diverting Laptops from landfill and recycling  the components which make up a laptop also helps the environment.

Laptop Disposal Limited will dismantle all laptops which cannot be reused and repurposed down to component level where  materials such as PCB's, Processors, Memory  and Heatsinks can all be recycled and refined and eventually made into new components. 

This process of recycling and refining reduces the amount of raw materials like 


which  need to be mined in order to keep up with demand for new technology 

Laptop Components 

Components Such as Processors, Memory Modules and Heatsinks can all be recycled once a laptop is no longer deemed usable 

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